Rogue Ménage.

You may know us as a publisher.


We had a vision of the future of fashion. One of a new golden age of design, where quality trumped the brand. Where the visual appeal of an item was more important than who made it. Where slogan t-shirts where a thing relegated to the nightmares of the fashionable.

So we sat down and created, a title designed to be an arbiter on fashion. Designed to spot fashion trends before they happened. Designed to communicate great style and great fashion above all else. on the web:


But one publication does not a ménage make.

So, naturally, there's more.

Some we put our name to.

Some we won't.

Though we can say we've had our hands in the following:

PR Heart (2011-)

At Rogue Ménage we love broken things, and love comes from the heart. So we're currently working to bring a little bit of our love and a whole lot of our passion to something else we believe to be broken. Hence PR Heart will be pulsing soon.

Z~Series (2010)

Something was rotten in the state of Denmark. Luxurious, home technology was being sold with the savoir-faire of transistor radio parts. It was nerd, without the chic. Working with the technology's sellers we changed that, not just creating the branding from the visual to the textual, but creating a whole new category for home control technology: one immersed in luxury, one communicated visually, one where the benefits were obvious and the technical complexities minimised.

Find out more:

Find out more: